NSPS offers a range of Electrical Engineering services conducted by only the highest skilled professionals within the industry.

Our team of Engineers specialise in many Electrical services including High Voltage/Low Voltage Switchgear, Cable Jointing, Rope Access and Thermography.


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HV, MV & LV Switchgear requires regular surveys and maintenance. This would also include the extended protection Systems, Transformers, Battery Systems, and all associated cables.

Relays and Circuit Breakers protect your electrical network and your personnel from dangerous fault currents. NSPS has the equipment and knowledge in-house to make sure switchgear and related equipment support can be provided almost instantaneously.

We can perform these works either On or Off-shore and offer services from Design through to Procurement, Installation, Commissioning and Health Care Contracts.

Our Engineers are highly trained and competent to Survey, Re-furbish, Install, and Commission.



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NSPS specialise in cable jointing and terminating from LV up to and including 33KV on all types of cables.

Whether a straight splice or a motor termination, it’s essential that cable jointers are trained, competent, and familiar with your equipment. Our fully qualified engineers have the equipment, certificates, and experience to carry out any job to the highest of standards.

EX hazardous areas


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NSPS can supply and install hazardous area electrical equipment which is accredited to worldwide standards (ATEX and IECEx), complete with full certification and a comprehensive level of technical support.

We also offer Ex Inspection and register support. With thousands of items needing to be kept up to standard can be a major undertaking. Our knowledge and experience of inspection, maintenance, RFID tagging, and Ex-area declassification will cut your workload and focus your efforts on your most hazardous area.

Rope Access NSPS


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Working at height or accessing difficult areas/equipment can require rope access solutions. NSPS have a successful track record in providing experienced Rope Access Technicians for offshore and onshore requirements.

NSPS can provide highly competent rope access level 1, 2 and 3 Technicians for contract hire or stand-alone projects such as electrical installation and maintenance, HVAC maintenance, construction & decommissioning.

We are a certified IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) licence holder.

NSPS Procurement 2


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With over 50 Years of procurement and sourcing capability, NSPS has an unrivalled reputation based on knowledge, experience, understanding, and a commitment to service.

Our highly experienced procurement team can source and supply a comprehensive range of Electrical, Instrumentation and Automation products for both Hazardous and Industrial areas within the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Food & Beverage industries.

NSPS can deliver Project Kick-Off Material Lists that expedite your project from day one.

We can adapt to create a simple purchasing function that suits the streamlining of your procurement, keeping it simple, efficient and cost-effective.
NSPS Thermography


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Thermal imaging cameras can be used to perform many critical functions for offshore and onshore installations, including troubleshooting and maintenance of equipment. This type of advanced imaging is used to perform preventative and predictive maintenance techniques ranging from electrical, mechanical, process and building surveys.

NSPS will measure actual temperatures of apparatus during normal operating conditions and then capture the results to evaluate whether the equipment is operating within its design temperature range or whether an underlying fault is present which could result in eventual breakdown and risk of fire.

NSPS recognise the importance of thermography and strongly recommend that clients incorporate a planned maintenance routine (PMR) survey within their maintenance strategy on a 12 monthly basis and when modifications are carried out as part of commissioning.

Partial discharge image


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Maintaining the integrity of your high voltage networks and machinery is of utmost priority. With insulation breakdown being the primary cause of failure in HV systems, it is essential that testing is carried out to detect any potential deterioration or damage in this area.

Partial Discharge is the presence of small sparks or other electrical leakage either between phase conductors or to earth. Although insignificant in that it causes no disturbance or direct failure, its presence is the first sign of a breakdown in the insulation of HV systems such as switchgear, transformers, motors or generators. Close monitoring of Partial Discharge, therefore, is an invaluable tool in detecting minor issues before they escalate into catastrophic failures. PD monitoring results can also play a vital role in devising equipment maintenance or replacement strategies.

The monitoring of Partial Discharge is a non-destructive process and can be carried out with your equipment online, and therefore has little or no impact on your production or business. It can be performed either periodically as part of a preventative maintenance regime, or continuously using dedicated condition monitoring equipment.

NSPS Transformers


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Ensuring the high performance and long functional life of a transformer is often a key priority to many of NSPS' clients, therefore it is recommended to perform regular maintenance practices. Our team of highly specialised Engineers offers two types of maintenance on transformers. The maintenance support can be supplied on either an agreed routine basis or on an ad-hoc basis.

We also provide full installation and maintenance services for transformers supplied by us or by other manufacturers. We offer Transformer supply, installation, and maintenance.

Our power and distribution transformers are manufactured, tested and installed in accordance with internationally recognised standards.

NSPS heat tracing


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NSPS has vast experience of successfully running Trace Heating projects. We offer full turnkey solutions whether it be for Process or Frost Protection, in both Safe and Hazardous Areas.

Our heat trace systems shall conform to all IEC requirements for the use of electrical equipment and the requirements of the relevant heat tracing standard.

We also offer maintenance of the system and process equipment and the testing of the installed system for operational satisfaction and safety.

NSPS Rotating equipment


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Your motors, power generators, gas turbine compressors, and diesel fire water pumps all have a complex electrical control system. Ensuring that the control system is well maintained will allow the rotating equipment to continue at its optimal level of performance.

NSPS Engineers carry out electrical repairs and maintenance to keep your safety and production critical equipment in service.

Our Engineers and technical support professionals fully understand the legislation and requirements to give you comfort and knowledge that the equipment is serviced and maintained to the highest standards.



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CCTV systems are not only useful for surveillance, but also act as a theft deterrent. Industrial sites have their own uses; helidecks, flare booms and other hazardous locations need constant monitoring from a control room.

We’ve installed entry-level CCTV systems in small offices and we’ve completed major offshore projects with explosion-protected cameras and fibre optic links.

Whatever you need to protect or monitor, NSPS can source and install a system that keeps your operations in full view, and suits your budget.

Navigational aids NSPS


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Offshore operators must have flashing beacons and foghorns on their platforms, and failure of these must be reported to the Oil & Gas Authority as a danger to shipping.

Many of these systems are original assets and can be decades old. Some are obsolete and unsupported, but keeping them working is a pre-requisite for operating on the UKCS.

NSPS have the expertise to keep your Nav Aids, and hence your platform, in operation. We can carry out fault-finding, repairs and preventative maintenance to extend the life of your ageing systems.

And, when they do reach end-of-life, call us to talk about your turn-key replacement or CAP437 “Circle & H” project.

NSPS - Working at heights


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Providers of Working At Height (WAH) equipment to the Energy and Construction industries, NSPS supplies multi-attachment full body harness for use in offshore and onshore rope access applications. The adjustable work restraints are supplied as per IPAF requirements, and all equipment is inspected as per PPE and Loler regulations which may be carried out on-site if required.

NSPS can also provide Rope Access Technicians to carry out difficult access work scopes, onshore and offshore, via rope access or MEWP for electrical work, mechanical work, and EX inspections.

Boasting an in-house purpose-built frame for the provision of WAH training, NSPS can provide rope access training inclusive of rescue training for specific scenarios.


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